In the consulting departments in 2014, we created a team of experts in embedded electronics with the purpose to support our customers in: Software design, development, integration and validation.




  • Architectural definition of the vehicle’s on-board electronic system.
  • Definition of the message maps to allow the communication among ECUs on a CAN network.
  • Design of embedded control electronic systems


Software development

  • Classic embedded software coding (C, C++) and with a Model based design approach (automatic code generation)
  • Modules development for diagnostic and ECUs flashing compliant with OEMs standard



  • Turin Tech can run in its own labs workbenches to verify the implementation of the vehicle functions, according to the requirements.
  • If needed, Turin Tech can realize virtual control units which simulate the components behaviour which are not available for the integration workbench.



  • Component and system functional validation, according to customer specifications
  • Definition and coding of testing automation scripts
  • Focus on diagnostics in CAN contexts.

Embedded Technology