The main purpose of Turin Tech structure is to answer in the best way to the request of the market in alignment with its own company philosophy

In order to reach this purpose we organised our structure with indipendent technical divisions that mantain a direct connection with the client, while the management structure manages and supports the single divisions and the R&D pursues the research of new technological solutions that can be applied in short and long term. The company strategies involve directly management and R&D department.

The R&D department operates indipendently on strategic projects for the company and the innovative solutions become expertise for all the technical divisions.

This policy is necessary for the continuous evolution of our services and for the highest quality level.

The Board is constantly in touch with the managers that collect and report feedback from all the operative areas.


To guarantee high quality standard in our services, we operate according to the following guidelines
SHARING: the knowledge of the “one”, is the knowledge of everyone.
TIMING: time is money
TEAM: collaboration at any level
OBJECTIVES: our objective is the objective of the customer
RELATIONS: the company is made of people, the interpersonal relationships are fundamental
ETHICAL: trust and fairness