Turin Tech

Born in Turin, in the heart of the automotive industry, Turin Tech is an engineering company in the industrial sector, with over than 15 years of experience;

Turin Tech has developed global skills with the capability to participate in activities of analysis, design, implementation and management of complex systems, which require deep experience with high professional qualifications.

Turin Tech is currently a certified provider of engineering services for the major worldwide companies.

Our consistent growth during the years, gave us the opportunity to create a solid and wide structure composed from different technical independent areas with high specialist professionals able to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the customers.

To ensure the higher professional level we’ve started projects in cooperation with important italian institutions such as Politecnico di Torino. At the same time we have a continuous development of new projects to maintain a consistent awareness about innovations. We gained through the years the trust of important international companies and this responsibility pushed us to reach always new frontiers.


Being leader in automotive field and other industrial areas, offer a wide range of service, enhance human capital and coordinate synergies in a territory which is cultural heritage of the Italian design tradition.


The company philosophy is the enhancement of its staff through a continuous learning approach, the seeking of highly qualified skills and selection of young talents.

We believe that in order to reach great goals, is important to take care of all the small things.


Our values are based on a strong internal cooperation, continuous learning and a deep understanding of our resources and our customers.

Our will is shown by the behaviour of our resources. During the years we have enlarged our team and, at the same time, we lowered the turn-over rate, thanks to the good relations that we are able to create and maintain inside the company.

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